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If you have facts or reasons that contradict what you find on any page here at POCM, send them to me. I'll post the best ones on the very page whose ass you kick.

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You get to give me your best shot. I get to pick the picture. You and I both know экскурсия на шоколадную фабрику в Москве and your opinions are not just interesting, they are fascinating. However, like all opinions they are not persuasive. What is persuasive are facts and reasons. Your shot has a better chance at glory if


You include evidence or reasons.


You can directly refute a claim made by POCM


By the way
The Rule of Writing for the Web

Write your stuff. Go back and edit out half the words. When you're done, cut half of what's left.

You are short, concise, and to the point, not long and wordy, not repeating yourself over and over by saying the same thing various different ways.

If you don't get quickly to the point, I will edit your post for length, doing my best to keep your best argumentationing intact.

The purpose of the exercise is to lay out the best arguments on each side. If after your KPA is posted, and you see my reply, you want to adjust your analysis, send me the update.

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