Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

Is Mountain Dew different from Coke? Sure. Coke is dark; Dew is light. Coke's can is red; Dew's is green. Coke tastes like ... Coke. Dew tastes like Dew. But Dew and Coke are both sodas.

Our idea "soda" describes only some features of a drink—fizzy sugar water in a can. Other features are not part of the "soda" concept—flavor, color, can color, price, etc. This means that every soda is different from every other soda. Coke is different from Pepsi, is different from Fanta, is different from Dew.

Jesus' apologists like to argue that Jesus is not a Pagan God because Jesus is different is some detail or other from other Pagan Gods. Jesus is different from Attis, and Mithras, and Osiris because every ancient God is different, in many ways, from every other ancient God. Like sodas, they all share God features. Like sodas, they differ in the way those details are applied.