Retreat to "spiritual"

Retreat to spiritual
The ancients' Gods were real physical beings. So why do we talk about a sissy spiritual God? Because a real physical God doesn't work. We have been forced to retreated from the ancients' stronger faith.

The Pagans' faith was stronger than ours. They believed in Gods who were real—real physical beings who live in the physical universe we live in. Heaven was in the sky—a real place, separated from the Earth only by distance. Hades was down under the ground—a real place, separated from the Earth only by distance. Pagans and their Gods shared one world, one reality.

Science forced our retreat from a real physical God. Take Heaven for example. If Heaven were a real place, the way the Pagans and early Christians thought, you could see it with a telescope, you could go there.

But when Galileo and other folks got around to looking through a telescope, they didn't see Heaven, they saw the Earth and planets circling the sun. That wasn't just a scientific factoid—that proved God wasn't real in the way people had thought he was real for three thousand years.


"Empiric rationalism," "science"—I don't know a way to say this that doesn't make you sound like a bow tied Poindexter.

The point is, we believe in things that can be looked at, touched, and tested. We've gotten in the habit of looking, touching and testing everything—you learn a lot of stuff that way.

And it proved there was no Christian Heaven with a Christian God living in it. Now do you see why the Catholic bishops were so highly pissed at Galileo? He destroyed ideas fundamental to their religion.

The believers' first answer was to set it up so Galileo would die in agony if he didn't take it back. That worked, but not long. So believers settled on the only answer left—Heaven is real, but it's not part or our physical world. Heaven is spiritual. Heaven is supernatural.

Do you see now how it happened? Science forced our retreat from a real, physical Heaven to a spiritual, supernatural Heaven. And if Heaven isn't a real physical place, God isn't a real, physical being. He's spiritual too. He's supernatural. Science forced our retreat from a real, physical God to a spiritual, supernatural God.

Of course it wasn't just Heaven that didn't work. Science—looking, touching, testing—has removed God's hand from everything it explains. God used move the sun across the sky—I mean physically move it. Not now. Demons used to cause disease; you got sick because a demon was physically inside you. Jesus, or Asclepius, or Benny Hinn, could make you well by physically removing the demon. Not now.

And so on. You get the point. Every time science explains something, God gets less real, more spiritual.

  The next time you're in Church

Next time you're in church...when they get to the part about God the spiritual, supernatural being, remember it wasn't always so.

Back at the foundation of the faith, God was real. The facts changed that.