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The Jesus Mysteries:  Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God
Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy

The best popular book introducing Christianity's Pagan Origins, arguing that Christianity developed from a Pagan Mystery Religion (a thesis dating back to the nineteenth century).  Well written, well organized, easy to read. Recommended

Whether or not you accept the conclusion, the early chapters laying out the basic facts about  Pagan / Christian connections will change your understanding of Christian origins and the history of Western thought.

Amateur scholarship For some reason (media buzz?) Freke and Gandy give the impression the Pagan Origins was something they discovered themselves—which is nuts, and which for me cripples their credibility.  Still, the most focused and readable book on the subject in print.



The Origins of Pagan and Christian Beliefs
by Edward Carpenter

A good an readable introduction to the Pagan Origins, widely cited, first published in 1920.

Chapter's include:

The savior-God and the Virgin Mother

Solar myths and Christian Festivals

Totem-sacraments and Eucharist

Pagan Initiations and the second birth

The sex-taboo

The ancient mysteries

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
by Acharya S

A shrill and unreliable romp through scholarly and wacko theories of Christianity's Pagan origins. Amateur scholarship all the way.  I'm including it because people like it, not because I think it's worth your time.  Go nuts.