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Ancient Pagan cultures shared a common set of ideas about Gods. Christianity adopted those ideas, and applied them to Jesus.

Christianity is a product of its time and place.


  introduces take you to the origins of Christianity in the ancient pagan religion. You will to find evidence of learning, and the system after that revealing understanding of Western intellectual history.

You already know that Christmas trees and Easter eggs were originally pagan, and you probably know that the seasonal time of the two holidays is also pagan. Slightly interesting. Not what you'll find here. What you will find in The POEM is that the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean shared a number of ideas about the Gods and their powers and place in the universe—and that Christianity adopted those ideas, and applied them to Jesus.

Ancient people knew that God-men worked miracles. The early Christians knew that Jesus was a God-man, so the stories they told about Him included miracles. He even did same miracles other, earlier Pagan godmen did.

The core of Christianity—the worship of a miracle working, walking, talking godman who brings salvation—was also the core of other ancient religions that began a thousand years before Jesus.

Heaven, hell, prophecy, demon possession, sacrifice, initiation through baptism, fellowship with God through the holy meal, the Holy Spirit, monotheism, immortality of the soul and much more "Christian" ideas all belonged to earlier, older Pagan faiths. They were simply part of ancient Mediterranean culture. Along with miracle working sons of God, born of a mortal woman, they were common elements of pre-Christian Pagan religion. Mithras had 'em. So did Dionysus, Attis, Osiris, and Orpheus. And more.

And they had them generations—centuries— before Jesus was a twinkle in Saint Paul's eye.                          

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